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Fish Fry.....
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here now temperature is between 32-40 C. now we are waiting for rain.
2 years ago·Reply
@FaisalNajeebNM wow, that's hot weather there, where you from Faisal? did your country do clouds seeding procedure to try solving the problem?
2 years ago·Reply
i am from India. where are you from?
2 years ago·Reply
@atmi . i am from Kerala state, India. here almost about 6 months are rain and 6 months are warm.. (2 or 3 month's are the temperature is increased upto 30 between 40 C. our normal temperature is 27 C
2 years ago·Reply
@FaisalNajeebNM I'm from Malaysia if your normal temperature is 27C, that mean your area more cold than here.lol average temp here between 32-34c
2 years ago·Reply