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Fact #1; I'm a Left Handed person (my youngest daughter has my gene,LOL) According to CNN, 10% of the population being left handed. Long ago,in our society, left handed person always being misjudged and discriminated but nowadays they are more acceptance because it's not your fault being left handed, it's genetic! But because our culture feel not proper to eat with left handed, so I'm well trained now for using right handed to eat. Nothing to lose right?
Fact #2; I Can Ride a Motorcycle or maybe you call it bike When I'm 15, me and my sister is trying to learn how to ride bike but maybe I'm more dedicated, I am the one who success to ride. haha I learned to ride it so I can help my mother to bought groceries even bring her to store because my father always not at home (on duty for many weeks). He is retired army now.
Fact # 3; I am Scared of Lizard and Worms Yes, you know it now.. just by seeing in picture or in front of me, I will instantly feel goosebumps and disgusting to it. But I 'm not fear of cocroches and spider (a little one) because I never saw any big one in my life yet.haha!
Fact# 4; I'm Aerophobia person, fear of flying like airplane. Although I have traveled by plane many times, I will always feel not comfortable, hand sweating, panic even the plane sometimes 'shaking', you know what I mean right. fuhh
Fact #5; I'm a Big Fan of Mc Donald's Fillet O Fish but I hate beef/chicken burgers or other than fish burger. lol I can't explain why but my family love to eat burgers whether buy it or homemade, I just can't eat it I hope this card meet the challenge. @humairaa @danidee ok, last but not least, haha! Need to complete my mission by tagging some vinglers here; sorry guys! @AtisutoMeru @sophiamor @CelinaGonzalez @Jordanhamilton and @MimmiBumble01
@jordanhamilton thanks. yeah..when you don't have big brother in the family, you need to be the one. in that time, my dad can't affort to buy a car yet.
Great card!!! It's pretty cool that you can ride a motorcycle
@atmi Well ur not the only weirdo one here now huh 馃槀
@MimmiBumble01 yeah...nice. but I never thought about looking good when riding a bike. lol
Is fine @atmi Is like me telling you that I Love snakes cause I used to have two before, but when I dream about snakes I just want to kill them. Which I can't explain that 馃槀馃槀
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