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Hi everyone! Just to let you know, that if you want to read of why I chose these post? Well this post reminded me of my tough long experience . But if you don't want to bother reading it, than just read the last paragraph, it kinda tells you a short phrases of the whole storie Thanks! And enjoy So Laterz I used to be a bully when I was in kinder- 3 grade, I was manipulated by my ex best friend. I was never smart, never mischievous, never hilarious, never had friends. I Fail 3rd grade and because of it, I found myself a new future ahead of me, which is me beginning to be kind and trustworthy. That's my ultimate goal, with new friends, more than 10, I began to be warmth hearted. Since my re-Grade changed of who I am, and promise to be nice and welcoming. That was my beganing life. When I got to 4-8 grade was a really tuff spot, because the teasing begans with me. I was a tomboy girl who always be on sports (on their point of view.) I get teased that I looked like a boy and all I think about is myself. In any sports I enter of only group of girls, I get teased on by two girls for about four years straight just because I got their spot of always being the example model to the team. They hated that I was the only one for his examples of how to work hard. Teasing began even grader- that's were I come in crying and taring myself inside- and showed my weak point, of swore never to be mean or be self cold. I cry every day on practice, every day of school, every day if I think about it, and started to hated myself of why always me now. No one not even my parents knew I was teased a lot, not even a sad day they have notice, nor my 4 sisters. I had family issues just like everyone else in their family. Even my family teases me for who I was, a tomboy girl that just cares for sports and anime and always joyful➡(my family point of view of how they see me) My 'so called' " friends" never even bother of actually taking the time of knowing me as a friend, nor took the time of who I really am behind of those sweaty face after sports practices, with the teard up shoes with relief of pain. A pain that got through "working as a team" but never really a team. But is alright, because soon after middle school was over and highschool comes ahead of us, I knew it was worth the pain and shreds of suffer for the longest years. -I started my 9th grade year in Dallas, away from home. Long- short story, I was even teased more than before and got painful fights and feel sorry to myself, and just wishes me to go back home. Now, 10th grade was great. Ppl who teases me just nods with a grid in me, but never apologies to me of course, and walk pass by me in every day in tenth grade. I was happy to realized that I never had a single teased nor bullied. But I'm always on the way of helping others that was kinda on my sitiation of bullied. Now this time of year in my Junior Year, I began to start more on life of well spent and memory making. I've joined many clubs in my own taste, but as always girls gossip start speeding about me. But I learned something in last year's lesson about me and girls gossips, "If they believe it well then believe it, if they don't well wise chose, ur not on my way but ur ahead of me of being tough enough to be respected." I envy ppl, which is everyone who earns their respect by talking back and offends them. (I call it like, The easy way to respect with drama way) But what I do is waaaay out of that league. I do what they tell me to do and I'll say what they need me to say on my own free will. Don't get me wrong, is not doing or saying bad stuff is more like I appreciate their helpful advice to me of what to do or what not to do on my own critical thinking. In middle school took long enough for them to realized that, but to new friends I made last year took them fast enough to be called real BFF. I will always be on everyone's side when they need me the most. I got use to be always nice, so is hard for me to be mean and offend ppl on purpose. But I will always be a warmth hearted person no matter the cause, and would never tread to anyone for anything.