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"There is no wifi (or signal) in the forest but you will find a BETTER CONNECTION. :) *Reflection by ET* In this world where 'outer technology' often dominates much of our day, pause and give some conscious thought to your 'inner technology'... that part of you that easily connects to the Earth, and the Source of your very Being. Namaste." Taking time disconnecting myself from technology once in a while, gives me the chance to reconnect with my inner self, observe and absorb the beauty all around me. Being grateful for everything.
Ah hour a day sounds like a good plan. @mrsmith
I choose to use no data plan, then I am free every time I go out, yes we need space disconnected from the internet of stuff, it's harder at home, I still haven managed to deal with its flooding of space in the house with that attraction it holds so deep, its addiction is so powerful and strong, I think about cutting it off for an hour each day just to make sure the is some space.