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So I was reviewing some Fairy Tail, when I noticed this guy. Kinda blew my mind, just a little. Anyone else notice?
omg! yes I said the same thing!!! I was like wth is Shikamaru doing in Fairy Tail. lol I didn't kno if any1 would have noticed it. lol
@OtakuDemon10 I've watched naruto b4 fairy tail so I noticed it very quickly. lol. and yes I had to rewind it too the 1st time I saw it cuz their attitudes were the same as well their technique and their looks. (n_n) but am glad sum1 decided to post it when they realized it. (^-^)
@jlo0219 Of course, I didn't notice the first time cuz I watched Fairy Tail before Naruto, but I was looking through FT for something and saw him using shadow magic and had to rewind!
I noticed the first time I saw that fairytail episode and started laughing uncontrollably
I had to look up who Kageyama was, it has been to long since I have seen those episodes.