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Hello to all 250+ Nakama and all new Nakama!

It's a very super day as just this morning the Super Sunday Collection hit 250 followers! Earlier in the week it hit 200, This card was meant for them but now 50+ more has joined.
This card is a thank you; thank you for following, thank you for your support and most important of all thank you for being my nakama!

When I first started this adventure,I didn't know what to expect.

The truly awesome Mod Team, that I came to call my close friends, came up with the awesome idea to have daily events to give the community awesome content and get the community more involved.
I wont lie you guys when plans were being made for this I woke up late and only Sunday was left. This turned out to be a great thing though as Sunday was a blank slate; I could make it anything I wanted. Going with our theme to make every day an alteration (Manga Monday, Tell Me Tuesday, Waifu Wednesday ect.) Super Sunday was the first and best thing I could come up with. A day to celebrate the truly powerful.
Of course being a Dragon Ball fan I knew I wanted the first card to be on Dragon Ball and I figured Super Sunday, Super Saiyan! (check out that card here)

8 cards and 256 followers later and I couldn't be happier!

I didn't know what to think when I first started this collection. How popular it was going to be? Will people actually enjoy it? What is it truly about?
I'm still trying to truly figure out what Super Sunday is about but I'm always improving and always trying to make Super Sunday better and more fun for everyone. As far as will people enjoy it and how popular will it be; I can proudly say it's growing in popularity and yes people do seem to enjoy it!
So to that I say thank you! Thank you to everyone who follows this collection. Thank you to everyone who comments and thank you to all my Nakama who just stops by to say hi! I appreciate all of you and I do not take you for granted. You could be doing anything else on Sunday and you chose to read this so I say thank you and look forward to bigger and better Super Sundays; more tributes to powerful characters, powers, sagas, weapons and armor. More explosive battles between the strongest of the strong. (check out the first battle here)
A very special thank you to my buds on the Mod Team!
Dudes you rock! Without all you I wouldn't have the opportunity to do this. I have so much fun doing this and coming up with newer and excellent events! Thank you for making my time here special and I look forward to the future!

Once again I say thank you to all.

As of Super Sunday Tradition I shall ask you a question, or two.

What's you're favorite Super Sunday card?

What topics do you want to see featured in Super Sunday?

If you haven't already make sure you follow the collection: check it out here!
Make sure you follow all the days of the week events: check it out here!
Thanks for reading Super Nakama and have a great day!
You are so awesome my friend!!!! Im sorry I"ve been busy the past week or two but seriously, so happy to have you and the other mods (nudges @tbell2 and @TylerDurso above me) around <3 And the rest of Nakama!!! yay :)
@tbell2 you're awesome thanks for being someone I can call my friend
@TylerDurso You are awesome!!! I love reading your battle cards and your super Sunday cards as well XD I am so glad to work with you and all the others! I can't wait for what's in store for us in future months!!
@NathanielMoanan yeah death parade needs to continue seriously. Thanks a lot I have a lot more battles coming up in the future
i loved death parade i just thought its ending was unsatisfying i love your battle cards i wish i could animate all your battle scenrios cause they seem like they would be cool animated @TylerDurso
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