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Hello everyone, how is your day going? I hope it's going great if not then maybe this post will cheer you up!

When you fangirl over something k-pop related, do people tell you something to try to insult you?

If people do something to try and put you down and stop your fangirling, just ignore them and fangirl like you've never fangirled before! Go crazy! Be yourself don't hide it.

Do People Judge the K-pop Group or Specific Idol You Love to Try to Insult You?

Honestly if people do that to try and insult you, just know that those things aren't true because if you really really love that k-pop group or idol in specific you'll stand up for them and be a strong k-pop lover!
So no matter what people say to you, don't ever let them get to you. Be strong, be yourself, and be proud to be a k-pop lover everyday all day! Even if your favorite kpop group or idol does not know you, know that they enjoy having you as a fan.

Be a true fangirl and be weird!

Thank you for your time!
this is why we're all on vingle to get away from thr judging crew
@xroyalreisx yup that's very true
@otakukpoper once your cousin joins us she will never escape!!
@orchiofriend549 yes! ^鈥
Every single fucking day
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