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'Be Covert, Be Great' records the highest box-office opening in 2013, surpassing Hollywood blockbuster 'Iron Man 3' and 'Star Trek'! The record was previously held by 'Iron Man 3', which gathered 422,504 people on its first opening day. 'Be Great, Be Covert' broke the record by bringing 498,284 viewers, making it a 75,780 gap. At second place for current screening movies are 'Horror Story 2' (With Sung Joon & Soo Hyuk) that sells on average 57,861 tickets per day; and 'Star Trek' that sells 56,377 per day at 3rd place. Via osen Ahhhh so happy for this news Soo Hyun ah~~ he's doing such a good job! And if you haven't heard about the movie already, it has an undercover spy theme. You can read more about the movie here ^^ And also, 'Horror Story 2' at second place. Woo!