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@JoseYzaguirre the anime isn't complete they haven't made an episode in years and they don't plan on finishing it
2 years ago·Reply
but still just watch the remain of what happen you know @BariMan956
2 years ago·Reply
@JoseYzaguirre it just bugs me when the anime isn't complete. especially when the anime and manga are pretty damn good
2 years ago·Reply
true and i hear ya but if they stopped it and i wanna see it like i might get an idea what its about and just wanna know how the story plays like deadmans wonderland was awesome to begin with but they didnt finish making more to the story than they prevously said, most of us who watched it were disapoint that it wasnt getting a second season but we still watched it and said ohh it was a good show
2 years ago·Reply
@JoseYzaguirre I just recommend reading the manga
2 years ago·Reply