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Just finished my binge watching of Inuyasha. At first I found it hard to binge watch cause I wasn't that interested but towards the end I found my self staying up all night to watch the next episode.
Kinda sad that it's over but I'm glad I watched it.
My exact feelings when this happened.. It took 195 episodes for this to happen πŸ˜‘, well worth the wait I guess.
These two were my favorite out of the show. Who were your favorite characters?
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No I haven't even started the manga to be honest πŸ˜…
@Gabby991 why what happens?
@tylor619cruz Is it ok with u that I spoil it 4 u?
Yea sure I won't have time to read the whole thing anyway. Maybe you should message me so that you don't spoil it for anyone else @Gabby991
I kinda binge watched 196 episodes of the show so I'm gonna need a long break from it before I begin the manga πŸ˜‚