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They still hold me.
My demons were and still are the only one to know my full story and somedays the very demons that I have to get rid of are the only things keeping me a float.... so I know how it feels to have to rely on your demons to keep your head a float but even I with all the stuff that i have seen and done have found a way to reconcile with my demons and move on with them standing proudly by my side..... so if any one feels this way try to forgive your demons and don't be ashamed of them otherwise it will only get worse.......
I'm one of those people who thinks demons exist because people think they exist. but I think they exist anyways because I'm weird like that. demons are real cause I think they are.
I'm trapped to its just that some ppl can go on and fight others lose hope.i wish for u all to live happily.
^_^ you're welcome
Why thank you @EmiiAlcid
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