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why do I feel like giving up on myself..... my mom saw me watching a kdrama and said I know you are half Korean but why are you so into that bull crap and that stupid Asian culture. why can't I just be accepted already.... @cutebabylay @nnatalieg
Many people go through this, heck my family would disown me if they could just because I dye my hair and I want tattoos. Point is, I do what I love, you do what you love whether people judge us or not. In life, everyone is going to judge you, whether it's good judgement or bad judgement. Thing we could do about it is, use it to better ourselves in a good way or just completely ignore it. If your mom doesn't understand that this is what makes you happy, just completely ignore what she has to say. Don't give up on yourself sweety, those K-Dramas need to be watched, don't they? ;)
@DestinaByrd Haha I love you too! ❤
@MichelleIbarra I love you
@DestinaByrd ik how you feel I watch a lot of them and she scolds me cause she says watch novelas!
@DestinaByrd you should hear them every day, because it's the truth. :)
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