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Trying to give something for the fans to always remember, Kim Hyun Joong shook the hands of Japanese fans for more than six hours. On June 4, Kim Hyun Joong held a special event for the release of his third single Tonight, including a surprise bday party and a handshake event. 10,000 fans showed up to see the star, among which 8,000 people were waiting patiently outside the hall even though they could not come in. When being told about it, Hyun Joong made a special request to the event staff to go ahead and seat the fans inside the hall away from the hot weather. Kim Hyun Joong then proceeded to go around and greet every single fan at their seat for the next six hours. A Universal Music staff member stated, “It’s a given that he shows mature music every time he releases a new album, but it’s Kim Hyung Joong’s special charm to take care of the well-being of his fans, who have waited a long time to see him – that’s something you don’t find in every star.” Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing a special digital single for his fans in Korea in time for his birthday on June 6. Via enews Look, how can anyone NOT love him? He's so caring and thoughtful towards his fans :(. He didn't even wait for the fans to come to him but went down to shake their hands instead!!
aww so awesome of him only if we as fans get this chance with our favorite group too
that is the most amazing i have ever heard! Kim Hyun Joong Oppa, ypu are truely an amazing and wonderful person! although i may never get to see him live amd in person, i hope he continues to show love and apperation to his fans who love and adore him so much! KAMSAHAMNIDA OPPA!!!!
oppa....u r so sweeeet...
@LaraQuiel i agree with u, that humbleness will put him more on top:)
love you soooooo much oppa
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