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"How can you paint a picture of a paradise with eyes that know only a wasteland"? We fail to see the beauty in this world and take it for granted. We leave lands in waste and destroy natural, incredible, habitats for all sorts of plants and animals. We talk about how righteous of a future we or I should say the true older "grown-ups" will leave us and the younger generation. They fail to see the picture that one day they won't be able to paint this beautiful paradise we call Mother Earth for the next generations when all they've ever know is wastelands!! So many anime and manga show of the torture and destruction that humans and war do to the lands and wildlife and people and turn even the brightest souls tainted black and red with hatred and anger. We spread destruction yet speak of peace. Our generation needs to step up for what's truly meaningful in this life and our as well as the next generations lifetime!! We can not only paint but show these future generations a true paradise. Anime and manga will help lead the path to keep us in check and show how we have taken so much, the earth, animals, plants, water, even NAKAMA for granted. Let's all become one and unite this dying world into the beauty we all love and know and lint our own paradise!!
Sometimes the most random and insignificant of things can hold a beauty that even words can't describe. Only the eyes, ears, smell, taste and touch can explain it to us!! Beauty lies in so many things we walk by or sail past everyday!! Learn to love!!
We look out into the vast oceans and see dreams awaiting us!! Hoping to face nothing but adventure and fun, learning to talk and share can be so important to us all!!
There are those of us who will stand to protect what we hold dear to us!!
Something that starts a a small grudge and people decide not to talk it out but fight instead. Involving others and involving the land end up destroying this place that we all call home. Keep us safe and stand up for what's right!! Learn to transcend anger and hatred with love and peace, learn to talk!!