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Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) had an inauspicious start to her life, and awaits her 26th birthday. When she was born 25 years ago, her parents and extended family and their fortune teller, eagerly awaited her arrival in the delivery room so that they could bless the beginning of the Pi family's heir.
Upon hearing her first cry, the fortune teller predicted on the spot that the baby boy would grow up to be a great success and a natural-born leader. But when the nurses announced that the baby was a girl, the stunned fortune teller immediately announced that the girl would not survive her childhood unless she lived as a boy for the first 25 years of her life. Only then could Ya Nuo change her bad fate and bring prosperity to her family.
On her 26th birthday, Ya Nuo could go back to her true gender without any repercussions. Doomed to live her life as a boy, Ya Nuo was shy and always tried to keep her distance to people to hide her true identity, and the mysterious aloofness made her irresistible to the girls around her. One day, she accidentally helped out Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen), who happened to be a triad leader, and his sister, Du Zi Han (Mandy Tao). While Zi Han fell in love with Ya Nuo, Zi Feng became Ya Nuo's "sworn brother" and best friend. With her 26th birthday fast approaching, will Ya Nuo find her much-anticipated return to being a female will be as easy as she had hoped?


Favorite Male Character:

Wei Qing Yang (Bii)
I fell for Qing Yang's character the moment I saw his beautiful face, he's so hot and sweet but may not have seemed that way in the beginning but he is. He made me tear up and smile a lot throughout this show. He cares deeply for his friends and loved ones. I love his personality and how cool he is, plus he runs a café. I would love for him to make me some coffee!

Favorite Female Character:

Fan Xiao Jing (Amanda Chou)
Xiao Jing is probably my favorite character from the whole cast. She had me laughing from how she always made things happen between the two main leads. She is the sole of the drama. She helped Ya Nuo with slowly absorbing the fact that she will soon be a girl in a few months and helped her gain confidence. I love how straightforward she is and the 1st episode I saw her in and after Ya Nuo kissed her, she responds, "It felt good..." XD I was dying when she said that, she's such a likable person, funny and gorgeous.

The Main Couple!

Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen) and Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai)
I can't explain how these two make me feel, except for in one word which is excited. I wanted them to be together so fast but it took them a while. There were a lot of kiss scenes in this drama between them. So many cute moments, I kept screaming at the screen for them to be together! I love the passion and chemistry. I didn't find the male lead that attractive in the beginning at all but eventually warmed up to him, I found Ya Nuo more attractive lol. But these two are seriously so adorable and I love that everyone supported them even if it was a gay relationship and you don't see that much.

Favorite OST!

Bii - Back In Time
This is my favorite song from the whole show, it made me so emotional and sad inside. His voice is so soft and beautiful, it reals you in. This song played whenever there was an emotional moment between Kim Na Na and Qing Yang. I teared up every time I heard this song and I love it so much!

Guy to Girl in Seconds!

Megan Lai in my opinion is an amazing actress. This was the 1st drama I saw her in but she played a great guy, I believed most of the time that she was a guy even though she wasn't. She can go from playing a guy who is pretty good looking to a beautiful woman in seconds. That's a talent!


Well the storyline is definitely unique. I like that there the main couple fight gangsters the 1st time they meet and become sworn brothers. That's what ties them together and makes them fall for one another. The counting down of Ya Nuo's becoming 26 and returning to be a woman after all those years. They met before when they were younger but they didn't know it. There's a lot of backstory which makes me happy, it gives the show character. Everyone is connected to someone in this drama and you get to hear the backstories of most of the characters. A bad guy is in it (a sworn brother of Qing Yang and Zi Feng), who tries his best to ruin Zi Feng and Ya Nuo and in the end he still made me cry. I liked the storyline, it gave a reason to give us a girl dressed a guy drama which I love.

Overall Review:

I loved this drama a lot, it's one of the very few dramas I actually watched during it's airing time. I was impatiently waiting for more episodes to come out on Dramafever. Each episode left me wanting more. The chemistry between the main leads was great and they are so cute together. So is the second main couple Na Na and Qing Yang. Strong characters and actors. I loved the cast. The soundtrack was amazing, I love all of the songs. There are a good bit of kiss scenes, so that's something to look forward to if you watch this drama. I can't explain how good this drama was but others thought the ending was rushed but in my opinion I thought it was a perfect ending, it was cute and made my heart flutter with happiness.


9.5/10 - I loved it but, I can't say that it was perfect like other dramas that I give 10s for. It was nearly perfect. It was full of romance, comedy and intense scenes. So if you like that sorta stuff with girl dressed like a guy kind of drama, the I fully recommend this one!

Have any of you seen "Bromance", and did you like it?

OMG!! Bii is a he has a beautiful voice too..
bii has been on my bias list for three years now and he keeps moving but yeah such a voice but this whole show was indeed one of the best tdramas I've watched
Enjoy! @deefran
ima watch this as soon as i get home😁😁 thank u @biancadanica98
i was just in a show hole
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