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Hiii okay back again with another request
this is fo r @Jessicaacosta90 enjoy ;)

Credit To The Own Of Photo MySelf lol!

Present time:

Before the fight

The day was a bright and sunny warm day, not a single cloud in the sky. Today was a special day. Today will be yours and Jackson first date since you two started dating. You wore your sexy red silk dress that showed your body figure. You wore your black heels, the one that had black glitter and made your legs look good. With that a cute small black fur coat. To finish the outfit you let your smooth soft hair loose. You look stunning and worth staring at the way that dress curved your body line and those heels that made your legs look nice and your beautiful not long but not short hair that fit perfectly with your outfit. Your outfit looks so good that even Jackson was quite stunned. When he saw you walking out of your apartment his jaw drop open and his eyes nearly look like they were going to pop out of his skull.

"Close your mouth sweetie, flies are going to get in," you said as you closed Jackson mouth.
"You look amazing (Y/N)" Jackson complemented you as he opens the car door for you.
He rushes to the driver’s seat and stare at you for a few minutes. He checked you out from head to toes. You could tell Jackson like how you look, especially by the way he bit his lips as he stared at your body.
"You look really amazing(Y/N) " Jackson said, his eyes still on you.
He leans in to kiss you on the cheek. Than lips, than slowly moving down the neck. You began to feel your body heat up, and a tingling feeling began to happen.
"Mmm Jackson" you moan.
Jackson slid his hand in between your thighs. He slowly moved his hand up your dress. He continued to kiss your neck and leaving you little purple marks on your shoulder. "Yah! Jackson!" you shouted,
as you smack him on his shoulder, causing him to retreat and sit back down.
"Sorry I couldn't resist (Y/N), you really look beautiful and sexy" he huff.
You start to blush. You could feel your cheeks heating up, while he rakes his finger through your hair and caresses your cheek with his warm large hands of his. Jackson started up his car and began to drive, while you both are holding hands. It felt like a dream to you and you could help but hope that it was not and if it was, you never wanted to wake up. You lean your head on Jackson shoulder, still holding his hand. Jackson glimpse at you from the corner of eye. He smiles at how cute you look. Jackson looks back at the road. His eyes suddenly filled with Sadness. What could it be that made Jackson eyes get teary? The night before today, he remembered he was talking to his Manger after dance practice. He told Jackson, in order for him to become an idol. Jackson was not to see anyone not even friends or a girlfriend. Jackson asks why and the Manger words echo in Jackson head
"Do you honestly think she won't get tired of waiting for you." he said to Jackson. "No she loves me she won't ever get tired," Jackson protested. "She'll get tired of having to hide your relationship and if you tell the public, some fans won't take it easily. Not only would they stop being your fan but some will go after her"Jackson knew this but he could not give you up so easily like that. “Jackson, it’s her safety or Your own selfish desire....your choice Jackson." the Manger said as he pat Jackson back while he walk away.
That night Jackson asks you on a date and planned something special before he had to break things off. Now the day here and you look stunning and you both are driving to a romantic dinner and later a walk in the park.
It was beginning to get dark as you both were enjoying your scroll around the park. "Remember how you tried to stuff all those marshmallows and nearly choke" you reminisce.
Jackson face turn red as he remembered that day
"it could had bet the record if you hadn't made me laugh" he whines.
You laugh at how childish and cute he acts. The wind got stronger and colder suddenly the sky filled with dark clouds
“Aigoo...look like it is going to start raining" Jackson said as he looks at the sky and back at you
"let us go to your place" you said shyly looking at the ground.
Jackson smile and kisses your cheek and grab your hand as you both run back to his car. and at that very moment, it began to rain.

On the way, back you notice Jackson seem be uneasy almost as if something was bugging him. You finally arrived at his place you both run inside trying not to get wet. Your body soaks causing your dress to press more onto you. When you look at Jackson, you could see his sexy chest through his white T-shirt and his eyes looking like he was ready to eat you up. He pulled you in by your waist and began to kiss you all over your neck and chest. He unzip the back of your dress letting it slip off your body as he pick you up. You wrap your legs around his hips. Jackson kisses your body as he led you both into the kitchen table. Were he lays you down and began to kiss and suck on your breast. He licks in between your breast and slowly moves down. As you sharply inhaled a deep breath as his tongue slid down your body, to your sweet spot. He began to play with his tongue on your sensitive area. Causing your body to jerk and quiver. You grab a hold of the table edges as you bite back your moans. Jackson stands up and removes his shirt and jeans. You sat up and began to kiss him all over his chest and leaving hicky marks. Jackson biting his bottom lips as you lay back down in a very seductive way. As you call for him. He Grabs you by your legs and spread them as open as they could go. He pulls you in closer as he shoves his member in without any warning. Your back arch up as you through your head back. Give out such a loud moan. Jackson ram inside of you not waiting or wasting a single second. He lifts you up as you wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. You grind up against him with his member still deep inside of you. Jackson lean his back against the wall. Both of you letting out heavy groans and lustful moans and loud cried of pleasure. Your screaming was so loud the neighborhood could hear you call out his name. Jackson smirked as he tosses you on the couch. You teasing try to crawl away but Jackson grab a hold of your legs and drag you back. He places you on all four. You two fuck hard and fast on floor causing your breast to bounce. "JACKSON! I'M CUMMING UH," You howled. However, Jackson sexy moans cause you to get even more aroused. You pin Jackson down on the floor on his back as you slam yourself down onto his member. And moving up and down as his member was felt rubbing deep inside of you. Both of you cried out such hungry moans. Jackson grabs your hips as he tried to guide them. However, you grab his hand and pin them down with your knees as you continued to slam yourself against him. The sexy express Jackson gave you made want so much more it was unbearable. "JACKSON FUCK UH MORE UH FUCK UH GOD SHIT FUCKING GOD JACKSON GIVE ME MORE" you plead in such a desperate way. "I-I'M Going to C-Cum (Y/N)" Jackson stuttered pushing you off and bending you over pushing your face down to the couch. As he forcefully rams this member inside of you. Your skin smacking up against each other and heavy breathing filled the room as you both call out each other name so desperately. You both slowly began to lose pace and rhythm as you both was near climax. "Jackson!" you cried as he calls out your name as well. “MMM UH" you moan out one last time as he slams in one last time.

Couple of minutes pass as you both laid there on the living room floor. You wearing his t-shirt and sweatpants and Jackson shirtless and only in his sweatpants. Both of you embrace each other.
"I wish we could always stay like this," you said as you nuzzled your face into his neck. Suddenly the mood change. Jackson sit up, his express changed to a heartless and cold look. You sit up and place your hand on his shoulder but he shrugs it off.
"Jackson what's wrong?" you ask with such a worrisome tone of voice.
"We need to break up" Jackson said bluntly, as he stares at the ground.
Your heart felt like it had been shot.
"w-what...J-Jackson ...w-what are you...s-saying" the words struggling to escape your mouth as you tried to hold back your tears.
Jackson looks at you and repeats the same words to you
“it’s over. I am leaving you. I'm done." Jackson throat tighten up but still showing no sympathy.
You stood up and walked away but before you could leave, you turn around and shout with so much pain
"I HATE YOU JACKSON I HATE YOU!" you storm out of his place as you cried so much that it was even hard for you to even walk in this cold rain. You could bear the hurt you just felt. Such agonizing pain that your heart felt such despair and regret that you felt. "Why did you do make me feel so high up the cloud just to let me fall back down onto the hard cold ground! WAE!“You cried out with so much devastation as you drop to the ground wrapping your own arms around yourself as you let out that awful type of cry.

The type where you hiccup and try to gasping for air but it hurt to stop crying. Were you feel this tight knot in your throat as you grunt out this full of pain type of scream as you feel your eyes swollen up, and your voice began to quiver uncontrollable. You lose feeling in your legs as you drop to your knees and body began to arch forward as you try to hold back so much pain.
You cried in the pouring rain for a while. getting soaking wet.
suddenly you feel someone place a coat over you. You look up to find a tall pale looking boy with fade orange hair
"you okay? Why are you crying so much?" he asks you with a gentle voice as he places his hand on your cheek and wiping the tears away.
You couldn't help but cry even more. He pulls you in as he embraces you into his arms. you continued crying onto his chest for a cool while as he pets your head as he repeated "It's okay everything going to be okay shh it's okay let it out"

a couple of hours finally pass by and your crying has calm down.

"Thank you for comforting me" you hitched as you tried to speak.
The boy smile and pets your head
"anytime, I mean who would just let a beautiful lady such as you out in the pouring rain, in so much pain like this." The boy said to you.
The sound of his voice was a bit familiar.
"Who are you by the way?" you ask as you rubbed your eyes.
He smirks "I'm Jimin. Nice to meet you"
your eyes widen as you continue to rub your eyes as you kept trying to get your eyesight back to normal.
"J-Jimin from B-B-BTS" you stuttered.

Jimin chuckled as he caresses your cheek. You become bashful. When sudden Jackson grab a hold of Jimin wrist as he glare at him. Jimin yanks his arm away. He glares back at Jackson. Who look like he was ready to kill someone.
"who the fuck do you think you're touching" Jackson growls at Jimin cutting you off. Jimin smirk "a poor defense girl, who seem to be heart broke."
Jackson gets madder at Jimin smart-ass.
"I was only being her knight and shinning armor." Jimin taunts.
Jackson grabs Jimin by his collar and slams him against the wall. Jimin shove Jackson back. Suddenly Jimin express darkens
"you don't deserve her Jackson. I would risk my career for her. I will protect her from stupid so call fans, if I truly love her! Unlike YOU!" Jimin shouted.

Jackson stare at you as you stood behind Jimin.
"Why didn't you chase after her huh? Why did it take you this long Jackson! Huh why?" Jimin shouted at Jackson.
"Shut up! This isn't any of your business!" Jackson growled with anger,
"it became my business when you went after the girl I liked year ago! When she came looking for you! That one night but you had already left with some other bitch!" Jimin shouted.
“And over your selfish greed. You took her right after I had told you about my feeling!" Jimin said with so much anger at Jackson.

Suddenly Jackson rush Jimin. Pushing him against the wall Jimin push Jackson off once again. However, this time Jimin punched Jackson across his face.
"JIMIN STOP!” you shouted Jackson grab Jimin and toss him across the street as Jackson jump over Jimin and continue socking him. You tried to pull Jackson off but he only shove you, causing to fall on the street. But when you had look up. a bright light flash and a loud beeping sounds was made

"JACKSON!!!" You cried before the light went completely black...

NOTE: edited only fix most of the grammar i didn't change anything in the story just rearranged my wording.

hope you enjoy I'm making a part 3 lol I got into it.

Thank you All for your support, it's given me the confidence to continue My dream, with writing storys and being myself. Love you guys

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Damn what a love triangle!! *sigh* I need to be caught in one of those! hehe!
There was heat then anger then sadness the HELL YES JIMIN SAVED ME then fuck you Jackson SO MANY FEELSSSSS
WHAT IS THIS????!!!!! WHY!!!
WAE!?! Why Jimin? Too many sexy men for one fanfic xD who's next, Kai? Sehun? Jackson is my bias, and Jimin is my bias wrecker in BTS, this might sound terrible .-. But Im happy Jimin didn't get hit by the car, Id actually rather I got hit than him or Jackson though ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
omg!!!!! I need to know what happens next!!!!
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