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"Will you be my girlfriend?" I never showed emotions but my eyes widen at his question. No I cant be desived by his charm. I only go for personality. Stop it (Y/N) don't get fooled! (Y/N): No Yoongi: huh! why not!? (Y/N): I don't like you *I lied* I walked back inside and went to the bathroom to cool off. Gosh my heart was beating so fast! ~YOONGI'S POV~ Yoongi: What! who does she think she is? I gave her a chance to go out with the most handsomest guy in school! does she like nerds or guys like me? Aish!!! I sat down thinking of a way to get her to be mine. sense I practically dated almost everyone in this school, every girl seems to fall for my actions. But her... she's different...(silence)...... I got it!!! I stood up and went after my friend Hoseok (jhope). I ran towards the restroom and saw him washing his hands. Yoongi: Jhope I need to ask you a favor! Jhope: Sure what is it? Yoongi: umm... can you help me on getting (Y/N) (L/N) to be my girlfriend? Jhope: Yea sure! But like how? what do you mean? Yoongi: I need you to find out what things she likes, how she actually acts, does she like someone, and yea. Jhope: Yea sure but... Are you into her? Yoongi: No I'm not actually. But my goal is to date every girl in this school. Jhope: You won't get far in life if you only think about getting layed and pleasuring yourself. Yoongi: Just do it man. Please? Jhope: huff. alright then. Yoongi: Thanks man! ~JHOPE'S POV~ LAST PERIOD~ Now, who the hell is (Y/N). I looked around the room and named almost all the girls I know. In the corner of my eye I saw a girl who looked a bit sloppy. She sat next to me but I couldn't get a good view of her face. Teacher: Okay class we will do a science project about animals. You may pick a partner, but you must know it's niche is and how it's system works, you must pick an animal you both agree with. Good Luck. I scooted closer to the sloppy girl and asked. Jhope: Umm is your name (Y/N) (L/N)? She turned her head towards me. (Y/N): Yes. why? I got a closer view of her face. He face was beautiful. Her cute emotionless (e/c) eyes. Her soft looking skin, her vanilla sent, and her cute small pink lips. Her soft (h/l) (h/c) hair. Her hight is just too cute. Why wouldn't yoongi like her? Jhope: Umm can we be partners? (Y/N): sure. Jhope: okay let me introduce myself. I'm Hoseok, but you can call me jhope! (Y/N): Hi jhope. I got up and grabbed papers for our project. I sat back down and looked at (Y/N). Jhope: So which animal should we do? (Y/N): It doesn't matter. Jhope: Which animal do you think is cute then? (Y/N): ..... (silence) ...... Pandas.(Tao!) SO CUTE!!! Jhope: So you think Pandas are cute? (Y/N): yes. Jhope: Panda it is then! And umm one more thing. (Y/N): What is it? Jhope: Can you write instead? it's cause I'm really bad at handwriting. (Y/N): Sure. She took her pencil in her hands and started writing. Her handwriting is neat but her hands are beautiful! Her long slender fingers. Her long pale nails. I looked at her lips and thought of so many wrong things. I wonder what that mouth can do? Jhope: Urgh. (Y/N): Are you okay? Jhope: Y-yea, sorry. She went back to her work and I started helping her out. Crap jhope you need to control your freaking hormones! I hit myself. Teacher: Oh and one more thing class! This project will be due in 2 months and you will present it in front of the whole school. (bell rings) You are dismissed. I helped (Y/N) clean up and I told her. Jhope: Umm can I have your number? (Y/N): yea sure. We swap phone numbers and waved each other goodbye. ~YOUR POV ~ I got in my apartment and made cereal for myself. I sat down in the living room. I turned on my Playstation 4 and got in crunchyroll. I put on Kuroko No Basket (it's an anime) and started watching it. My anime crush on KNB is Kuroko of course. He's just so cute! especially when he was a baby. My phone vibrated and I saw my screen. Jhope messaged me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ jhope: Hi (Y/N) ^.^ (Y/N): hi jhope. jhope: What are you duing? (Y/N): watching anime. jhope:What's that? (Y/N): you don't know what anime is!? jhope: No (Y/N): They're Japanese shows and there are so many of them! jhope: Which one are you watching? (Y/N): Kuroko No Basket. Jhope: Oh umm can I go watch it with you? (Y/N): Sorry I cant. jhope: Why not? (Y/N): my house is a mess. *I lied* jhope: Oh ok. (Y/N): sorry. jhope: It's ok ^.^ well I got to go. see ya! (Y/N): bye. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well that was wierd. He's probably feeling awkward right now. Whatever, I got to my room and did my homework. ~JHOPE'S POV~NEXT DAY ~ Jhope: Yoongi!!! Yoongi: What's up with you? jhope: I learned something new from (Y/N)! Yoongi: What is it!? jhope: She likes pandas and loves anime, she gets all hyper when she talks about anime. I think. and she is my partner for the sience project! Yoongi: *poker face* jhope: Aand she's really pretty! plus! I got her phone number! Yoongi: really! send it to me! Jhope: here. yoongi: Thanks man! jhope: I also know where she lives! Yoongi: geez stalker don't go to far!.... so... where does she live? Jhope: You pervert. you know where I live? yoongi: yea jhope: ok she lives like about 15 blocks away from me. yoongi: ok got it thnx man!
after I read this, I honestly want her to go out with J-Hope!! tag me in the next story
I want her to date Hoseok!
Damn You're really messing with my feelings here😥😥😥
i cant seem to find the beginning
@AmberFranco thank you
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