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**Requested by @Sisicup** Thanks for the request. This surprisingly wasn't that hard to write so I hope its good ^.^


You were laying on the couch in your pajama shorts and Chanyeol’s t-shirt. It was your day off and all you wanted to do was lounge on the couch and catch up on your favorite drama. You grabbed your water taking a sip when you heard the door-handle move. You heard the door open and looked up to see Chanyeol walking in.
“Hey, baby!” you smiled at him as he set his stuff down.
“Shorty!” he laughed, walking over to you. He rested his hand on the back of the couch as he leaned over and kissed you, “How’s your day off going?”
“Good, how was today?” you replied, scooting over, allowing him to sit beside you. You propped you legs on his lap and leaned back into the cushion.
“Today was good,” he smiled, “I can’t complain.” You sighed happily. That was the way it was with Chanyeol, and while you wished you could help him, you couldn’t help but love him for it. Of course, he did have his bad days, like anyone else would, but he never complained too much about them. He said he didn’t want to be that man, the one that came home and ruined their significant other day by complaining.
“You know, you can tell me if it went bad,” you replied, grabbing his hands in yours.
“I know,” he smiled back, “but I have nothing bad to say. I love my job, most of the time, and I have an amazingly sweet girlfriend. I’m set!”
“When did you become a sweet-talker?” you joked. He leaned over, grabbing your chin and pulling your lips against his.
“You know, you look amazing in my shirt,” he growled against your lips. You felt a shiver run down your spine as his voice dropped an octave and became husky. That was another thing you loved. His voice. You absolutely adored his voice, especially at times like these.
“R-Really?” you asked. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to sit on his lap, your legs straddling his waist.
“Mmm, of course,” he settled his face in the crook of your neck, leaving love bites down your collarbone. You arched into him as his hands dropped lower, resting on your lower back. He bit his lip as he pulled back to look at you. His gaze ran down your body and you would have felt self-conscious, if it were not for the heated stare, “I’ve thought about you all day.”
“You did?” you smiled shyly.
“Why wouldn’t I?” he shot back, “I just love that I come home to see you looking like this. You look...” He smirked and you felt butterflies fill your stomach.
“Like what, Yeollie?” you asked nervously. He wrapped his hands around your thighs and pulled you closer to him. When you settled back down, you felt something pressed against your thigh.
“Does this tell you anything?” he said as he continued to stare at you. You’ve never seen this side of him. Of course you and him weren’t completely innocent in your relationship, there was sexual attraction to each other after all, but he’s always been sweet about it. He always said he wanted to make love to you, but now it just looks like he wants to take you on any surface he can find. Heat pooled between your thighs as you felt yourself getting excited by that thought.
“C-Chanyeol…” you instinctively ground your hips against his.
“Let’s take this somewhere else... mmm, babe?” the way he said ‘babe’ was so enticing and your words caught in your throat. You nodded instead and he stood up, his arms around your thighs, holding you up. You wrapped your legs and arms around him as he made his way to the bedroom. He laid you on the bed before lying next to you. He propped up on one arm and wrapped his other arm around your waist, pulling you against him, “I’ve missed you.”
“I’ve missed you too,” you mumbled.
“Mmm... Really? Did you think about me?” he asked and you felt yourself blush, “Ha! What did you think about?” You didn’t reply, being too nervous to speak up. He rolled you onto your back and rolled on top of you, “Did you think about our alone time?”
“A f-few times,” you replied.
“Babe... did you touch yourself?” he smirked as you flushed red, “Oh, I’ll take that as a yes. Did it feel good? Come on, babe, tell me.”
“N-Not as good,” you began, “as y-you.”
“I didn’t think it ever would,” he laughed. He ran his hand down your side, slipping his hand underneath your shirt and resting it on your side, “Did you do it often?”
“I... Chanyeol...” you tried to speak, but the words weren’t coming out.
“Are you feeling hot right now?” he sat up on his knees and pushed your shirt up. He leaned down and pressed a kiss just below your bra, “Do I make you wet?” He laughed when you didn’t answer, “Baby, I need answers.”
“ both q-questions,” you mumbled out.
“That’s good,” he whispered, pressing his lips against yours. He bit your bottom lip before slipping his tongue into your mouth. His hands went to the hem of his shirt, slipping it off and throwing to the floor. You ran your hands down his chest and he let out a throaty groan. He pushed your shirt above your head, allowing you to take it off, “You’re so beautiful.” He leaned down, capturing your lips once more. You couldn’t take it anymore and arched your hips to meet his, “No, honey, not yet anyway.” He pulled his hips away from you, ridding you of the friction you craved.
“C-Chanyeol,” you moaned, “Stop teasing.”
“But darling, that’s foreplay,” he chuckled, “And foreplay’s the fun part.”
“Really? Because I don’t think so,” you replied, sending him a heated look. He growled lowly before pressing his hips into yours.
“And you say I’m a tease,” he nipped at your neck softly. He began to roll his hips, thrusting against your clothed heat.
“Chanyeol,” you whimpered, hooking your fingers through his belt loops and pulling him closer.
“I’m in charge,” he reminded you. He unbuttoned your jeans and pulled them off. Your fingers fumbled with his jeans, eventually coaxing him to push your hands away and pull them off himself. He quickly got rid of the remanding clothing before settling between your thighs.
“Do you have to tease so much?” you muttered after he stayed still. He laughed lowly before pushing into you. You arched against him, feeling pleasure from just him being in you, “C-Chanyeol...”
“Baby... You’re still so tight,” he groaned, resting his forehead against yours, “How is it, no matter how many times we do this, you’re still so tight?” You wound your hands around his sides and clutched on his back.
“Chanyeol, move, please?” you tried to move your hips but he grabbed them and kept them in place. He pulled out before beginning a slow rhythm. He kissed your forehead before burying his face in your neck.
“God, I love being in you,” he growled. His thrusts began faster. Harder. Became too much. You felt as though your pleasure was going to burn you alive. Your skin flushed heatedly as he nipped at your shoulder. Your breath became shallow as your felt the pleasure building in your stomach.
“Chanyeol!” you screamed as he hit your spot, the spot that sent you in a world of ecstasy. “There!! Right there.” He complied with your orders, thrusting even harder. You nails dug into his back and your toes curled as you came. He kept thrusting, riding your orgasm out before his thrust became erratic. He came inside of you before slumping against you.
“I wasn’t too rough, was I?” his voice came out as a whisper, laced with worry.
“Not at all,” you smiled at him as he rested his head in your neck.
“I love you,” he muttered, his breath tickling as it fanned across your chest.
“I love you too, Chanyeollie~” you sighed contentedly as he rolled off you, pulling you to rest on his chest.
I need to write a fluff lol. Smut has taken over my life xD
@Emealia for the tag list!!
yea I'd like the request from @RinaBea 😋 I like the idea
Request: can you please make one kinda like the dirty dancing one you did with V from BTS but this time I'd like the girl to be more suductive. I want her to take the lead and make the guy feel flustered. it could be a and make it jingkook please
How dare you play with me like this 😐😑
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