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How kpop is saving my life.

I hate it when people call kpop stupid or useless, because it's not, it's well written music with amazing group members that love and support eachother! Here is my story:
around 11-12 years old, my oldest brother moved out, my dad and mom split up, and I was constantly fighting with my mom.
the summer that my dad and my 2 oldest brothers, leaving just one brother, me and my mom, my best friend moved to oregan, and I switched schools. I had no friends, I was bullied really bad, I was constantly alone.
I soon fell into deep depression, no one understood me, I couldnt talk to anyone, my mom was narcissistic, I gained some weight, I hated myself. I became very suicidal.
just last june, I went to Arizona to visit my cousins because my aunt had died from cancer. it was very hard, my cousin, alyssa, introduced me to kpop while I was there.
the more I listened, I began to connect and I loved it. when school started, I was happier, with kpop I could connect with songs and realize my feelings and solve my problems instead of holding on to my depression. I made more friends, found some fellow kpop peeps, and my cuts are healing.
and now I can say I'm happy! sure there are a few bumps in the road now and then, but kpop SAVED MY LIFE.
thank you guys so much or your support! I'll make sure to talk to you guys if I'm having a tough time. fighting❤❤❤ @4dalientae @twistedPuppy @Ercurrent @DestinaByrd @nnatalieg
hey the kpop life is the best life. if you feel down listen to kpop wanna be happy listen to kpop wanna do something fun listen to kpop and dance kpop is life kpop way is the only way
This was an amazing story. If you need anyone. IM HERE! ❤️ keep fighting gorgeous!
@clstap1 fighting!
FIGHTING! AND I hope you don't cut anymore if you need a friend I'm glad to lend a hand
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