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How kpop is saving my life.
I hate it when people call kpop stupid or useless, because it's not, it's well written music with amazing group members that love and support eachother! Here is my story:
around 11-12 years old, my oldest brother moved out, my dad and mom split up, and I was constantly fighting with my mom.
the summer that my dad and my 2 oldest brothers, leaving just one brother, me and my mom, my best friend moved to oregan, and I switched schools. I had no friends, I was bullied really bad, I was constantly alone.
I soon fell into deep depression, no one understood me, I couldnt talk to anyone, my mom was narcissistic, I gained some weight, I hated myself. I became very suicidal.
just last june, I went to Arizona to visit my cousins because my aunt had died from cancer. it was very hard, my cousin, alyssa, introduced me to kpop while I was there.
the more I listened, I began to connect and I loved it. when school started, I was happier, with kpop I could connect with songs and realize my feelings and solve my problems instead of holding on to my depression. I made more friends, found some fellow kpop peeps, and my cuts are healing.
and now I can say I'm happy! sure there are a few bumps in the road now and then, but kpop SAVED MY LIFE.
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This story touched me very much...If you are feeling down or just feeling anything, listen to kpop. Kpop can get you through a lot. Keep on fighting girl!! ;)
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thank you guys so much or your support! I'll make sure to talk to you guys if I'm having a tough time. fighting❤❤❤ @4dalientae @twistedPuppy @Ercurrent @DestinaByrd @nnatalieg
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@clstap1 fighting!
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This was an amazing story. If you need anyone. IM HERE! ❤️ keep fighting gorgeous!
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awww im sorry its made me happier too
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