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For you are my only shade of red, my only desire and my only, dearest regret. Do I need to explain myself any further? no, I don't. I will not let my words ruin the moment and I will make sure that the rest of our days are filled with ecstasy and desire. One word is all I need, I just need a little word that has 5 letters. Only we know what we want, only the both of us know our deepest secrets and wantings. I want you to whisper it instead, close to my lips so I can hear you clearly and beautifuly. Only us, just us in our own world filled with passion and sweating bodies. Only us, under the sheets and that hard bed, but we can make it soft again tonight. I know it hasn't lasted for yet a whole adventure, but in slight motion, I want you to whisper the word into my lips or scream it so that even the neighbors can hear you tell them who you belong to. And maybe, if you can get me in that state, I will also yell out who I belong to, letting the other girls be jealous of us. You know, I'm not always like this. It comes just at certain times when I am subdued by your beauty. How did I end with someone like you?, how is it that someone so beautiful exists?. Look at what you're doing to me, please just say the word and i won't ask again until the next time. It can't be that hard, i know you want to say it. Only us, just us, we're the only ones that can hear it.... unless you want the neighbors to hear it. If it weren't for you i wouldn't be like this and certainly not pleading for a 5 letter word you've said before. Why are you so shy? we're the only ones in the room, just us. You might be innocent on the outside but I know your dark side, and I'm the only one that should feel that dark side by myself. Those eyes, those lips, those legs. If you were any hotter than you are right now I would die of pleasure. If you do say it, i will stop asking.... but if you don't i will make you say it. Look into my eyes and tell me the 5 letter word, the one you say in your sleep and the one you whisper while looking at me dance. Precistence is something i always loved about you, but sometimes it can get really annoying. I love you, your body, your personality and I love the little nasty words you whisper in my ear. So say it, say it loud and proud: "Daddy"
Yugyeom Sunday!!!! Did you enjoy?
I..I am done with my life Bye peace out
Well damn I was sort of expecting something else but shit it's all good