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Deadpool has ran with the best and the worst of Marvel! The Merc with the Mouth can be found having a conversation with Glaticus (seriously who does that?) or bothering Wolverine (Spider-Man does that too) Did I ever tell you, Wade has no Shame.. He seriously know how to get under anyone's skin and that's pure talent! So let's take a peek at the life and times of Wade annoying the Hell out of Frank...!
Deadpool does not want you to mess with HIS block!
😂😂 Deadpool jacked Punisher before and Punisher jacked up Deadpool before! I love their anti hero back and forth!
@AimeeH lol I'll be standing by the phone just in case you need backup... but I have a feeling you won't need it ;)
@shannonl5 It's happening. If there's a news coverage of a small 5 foot 3 punching Deadpool in the throat, no worries; it's just me. I got this.
@AimeeH XD he's definitely asking for it
@shannonl5 I will falcon punch Deadpool into oblivion for doing that to my husband 😠😬😡
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