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Can you stop killing me with your sexiness?! Lay: Sorry no can do
Please?! Lay: Nope
No?! Lay: *keeps being sexy* *dies*
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@Pacheal I'm sure he even knows what that means lol...Im not sure he is capable of doing that
2 years ago·Reply
Holy sweet geezus thank you...I can't I need....i must .....hell with it running through your pics for the fifth time just isn't enough AHHHHHHH LAYXING
2 years ago·Reply
Oh my God Zhang Yixing first with his cute innocence and now him looking like this!!!! *dead*
2 years ago·Reply
I don't think he can stop being sexy. I need him shirtless! I must stare at his abs! I must run grease all over his chest and stomach! Ugh! All these dirty thoughts in my head make me feel like I want to seduce him in bed!
2 years ago·Reply
Oh lord.
2 years ago·Reply