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Shinee door game results
Alright everyone here are the results. Rules: No cheating! Once you comment your choice you can't change it. Only pick one option.
Door #1 is....
Door #2 is....
Door #3 is.....
Door #4 is....
Door #5 is.... Alright everyone I hope you like your results. This is a 7 part game so every Saturday I will post another part of the fame and share the results on sunday. Next Saturday you will pick a flower instead of a door. I will alternate the doors and flowers. So hope everyone stays tuned.
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I got Taemin
a year ago·Reply
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Yes!! I got Taemin!
a year ago·Reply
I got Minho, so I'm very happy.....
a year ago·Reply
key. im his little freak!
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