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In Korea and Japan, the 14th of every month is special, not just February 14!

March 14 is....WHITE DAY!!!

What's White Day?!

Well, in Japan/Korea, girls are meant to give their crushes/lovers chocolate on Valentine's Day. Then, on March 14 it is the guys' turn!

They give their ladies...CANDY AND SWEET THINGS.

Just like V-day in the US, stores are stocked with "White Day" gift boxes and cards :)

In Korea, Kpop idols often hold events for fans where they give them some kind of gift that day too :3

(so be on the lookout for White Day videos posted by your favorite groups today/tomorrow!)

Will any of your guys celebrate White Day this year?

My motto is always 'treat yo' self' so go out and buy yourselves candy, you deserve it ;)
Aww! I will treat myself! ❤️
Cute! I almost forgot about this holiday, thanks for posting this!!!
but I can't wait to see a BTS VIDEO!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!
@KatelynSummerso @jessicalnichols samsies but thats why we're strong independent woman that buy OURSELVES candy! WOO! hahahahahahhhahaha
@DestinaByrd with lots of love! ^.^
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