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Working an office job can take its toll against living a balanced lifestyle. I've made a promise to myself before 2016 that I'd take every chance I get to get out and adventure this year. To cater to my promise, I left sunny San Diego and took my first ever trip to Mammoth Mountain this weekend for a little snow adventure in my cousin's new VW Westfalia bus. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm an absolute a summer boy, and that I'd take the beach over the snow any day. However, exploring this gorgeous nature filled place definitely left it's mark on me and I'm already thinking of when I can return. After having a full day to adventure sights on the way up like Red Rock canyon, The Arch Loop, etc.. We made it to Mammoth Lakes just as snow started to fall. Something about the natural aura of snowfall, the glaring beauty of every different lake in Mammoth (the one in the photo is Convict Lake), and the cool powerful wind breeze that consistently swept over the most incredible snow capped mountains.. I loved every moment of it! Being able to break away of your daily routine and getting your dose of nature is absolutely liberating, healthy, and it makes for a more balanced lifestyle. Even if it's a hike at a local trail, a bike ride to the beach (told you I'm a summer boy), or an adventure with loved ones as I had this weekend! So what's YOUR favorite adventure experience?!
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