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I can't tell for sure, but if the holes in the outlet are supposed to be their faces, I think it's safe to say they're a little stunned.
Also, HELLO, GUYS!!! I hope your weekend's been awesome. Let's chat. What did you do this weekend?
I spent it shopping and cheating on my diet with the most epic slice of tiramisu. (Worth it. Always worth it.)
@IMNII That is what so amazing about Arctic Fox, it's doesn't have that harmful chemicals and has all the ingredients that is used in conditioners. xD I looked it up before I used it. But it also depends on the bleach you use and the strength of your hair before you start.with good strength and good bleach, you should be fine but I am not a hair genius so yeah. 馃憤 do as you please
I went to a taping of Celebrity Family Feud with my boyfriend and ate food. Haha
@danidee Well it was technically two tapings. The first one was the Bachelors vs the Bachelorettes and the second one was Garrett Morris (one of the original cast members of SNL) vs Alfonso Riberio (Carlton from Fresh Prince) and his friends. Haha Both tapings were funny and Steve Harvey was great! We had actually gone to one last year and it was Mario Lopez vs Joey Lawrence. That one is my favorite since I had crushes on them since I was little. Lol
@IMNII Ouch! Glad some of it was still ok. My ends were completely fried but I managed to get the rest of my hair back to health
@iixel Hahaha yeah I learned my lesson about going too light too fast! Black to blonde in ONE day. Not my best moment. Surprisingly my hair managed to stay chin length after all the damage got cut off.
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