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I can't tell for sure, but if the holes in the outlet are supposed to be their faces, I think it's safe to say they're a little stunned.
Also, HELLO, GUYS!!! I hope your weekend's been awesome. Let's chat. What did you do this weekend?
I spent it shopping and cheating on my diet with the most epic slice of tiramisu. (Worth it. Always worth it.)
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@danidee imo, you chickened for a good reason LOL 馃槅 If you haven't already done it before, I wouldn't chance it unless you only ever wear your hair straight and it's STRONG hair. All in all you can have virtually healthy results if it's done right. Then of course there's keratin treatments which are supposed to keep it straight for a month or something but the process can be up to 2 days long 馃樂馃槄 Your results may come out better than mine though! I haven't done it in years. My hair is fairly fine textured so it eventually stopped withstanding the chemical process that well. It got all dull and a bit lifeless. Then after that grew out I did the dye thing. Yikes lol but it's all grown back out now so no biggy. The beauty of hair is that it can eventually get back to where you want if it gets jacked up haha! 馃榿
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@IMNII My hair is super super frizzy/curly.. It always looks like I just got home from the beach lol.
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@danidee Lol that actually doesn't sound bad! Beachy hair is good hair too lol! My hair is super curly/ringlet-y and a bit fluffy(I think that's a goo way to describe it LOL) I know curly hair can get annoying if it's not how you WANT it to look. For me frizz isn't too bad(unless I want it straight haha), but if you feel like your hair can handle it, a chem straightening won't be anything nuts. Some people actually have really great results! It's a matter how much you take care of it and if the place you go to knows how to keep it healthy. Have you looked into the Japanese straightening method or the Korean Magic Perm? It makes it permanently straight, though you may still need to run a flat iron over it to get it SUPER sleek, as with most chem straighteners. Lots of people had good results with it! I just kinda have wimpy hair that doesn't like anything but coconut oil and Etae (hair products) or else I'd have done it! Plus I just kinda like going curly hahaha
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lol...goo way. 馃槀馃槀 Good*
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Hahaha funny
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