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Artist Philippa Rice created this perfect collection of her illustrations called Soppy: A Love Story.

It captures the small details of relationships that we often take for granted.

This is a great reminder to celebrate the smallest things that make your relationship GREAT!

Your awesome problem solving skills.

Your humility.

Your simplicity.

Your team work.

Your spontaneity.

How easy it is to be with each other.

The calming, happy feeling that comes with being completely comfortable with who you're with.

So be sure to celebrate the little things today, be it in your love life, your friendships, or your family relationships.

What little details do you love about your relationships?

(for me, my best friend literally reads my mind ALL THE TIME. I love how we're so on the same wave length!)
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the quiet
Love this!!! I love the communication in the relationships I share with others in my life.
@stephosorio UGH a boy who can get your burrito order right is a boy to KEEP. You're a lucky lady.
This is cute. My boyfriend went from being middle school sweetheart to now me finishing college. I love how well he knows me. He will surprise me with my favorite flowers or a steak burrito (no chili, extra sour cream, and extra guacamole).
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