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It's finally that time of year when everyone's attention shifts to college basketball. Ladies and gentleman, I present you...

the 2016 March Madness!

You guys can check out the printable version here ---> 2016 NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Championship Bracket.

Many experts are choosing Kansas to win the whole thing.

And although I do agree with what most experts are saying, the greatest thing about March Madness is that there are so many upsets since it's a tournament and you are forced to go home if you lose one game.
I have to say there must be so much pressure on these players but again, participating in one of the biggest sporting events of the year must be a blast for them as well. Can't wait to see all these players live in action!
@shangnasty360 Hahaha I feel ya bro. It's all good.
@mchlyang As great as your sports cards are, I'm opting out of basketball topics. When you're 6'8" tall, the first question a new person asks you when they meet you is: "Do you play basketball?"
Kansas is going to win it
picking UNC @mchlyang
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