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Another week, another group of Vinglers in need of some advice!

I checked out the Community Talk and grabbed some messages from this week that were asking for help!

Check them out below:

1. If you don't want to talk to someone anymore, how can you do that?

Ignore? Tell them bluntly?

2. Believe the boyfriend or the accuser?

3. What do girls MEAN?!

Love is tough, but talking it out helps.

Leave your advice in the comments here or visit the messages on Talk!

2. I am all about forgive but never forget, so I would believe my guy but I would always have my eye open. Girls like to make up crap. She could have hit on your bf and he said no and she is salty. Some females are full of scorn no matter what.
1. The obsessed girl. Personally I been in a situation with a guy years ago. What I did was the slowly distancing myself.. Text less and less and less then fade. I am usually honest with people, however I believe this particular person did not have a full deck. I feel you should do the fade move, especially if you think she is the stalker type. No one wants that.
#2. You should be able to have a conversation about it. if he's making threats and unwilling to at least talk about it, then dump him. who wants a guy like that?! smh
3. Females are confusing and annoying at times, I know his because I am one lol. Sometimes we do passive aggressive crap for absolutely no reason, just to get an reaction. All I can say all you can do is talk to her and ask her if she is okay and then nonchalantly mention her tweet and ask her "if we are good'.
that first guys above, obsessed girl just try to ignore her and said you busy if she accidentally meet you. if someone obsessed to you and you try to explain to her whether she accept it or it make the situation worst.
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