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so when in school I get called kpop since I'm the only one in my grade that has heard of kpop.....but one student gets on my nerves
he started to talk sh*t about kpop and how I can't understand what they are saying. So I answered back to him that they listen to American music and like it so why can't we listen to their music and he answered
because are music is the sh*t I swear if I had a frying pan like I wanted to.... do I then answered to him that I can barley understand what he likes about American music. I tried to make him think but he decided to be himself and think that he is always right.
How many of you have the same experiences? I just wish that some other people will stop being douches at times and keep opinions to themselves. In the end you are pointing to the door telling them to leave
I don't understand why you have to know what someone is saying to understand the emotion behind it. So many idols emote just my using their voices. I've cried just by hearing songs without looking up the words.
I started liking Kpop three years ago when I was 22. So believe me when I say, it will happen from time to time. The best advice I can give you is to not let the negatives get to you. Let it roll off your shoulders, as long as you like it, that's all that matters.
Ugh the worst thing is "ew wtf do you see in those girly faggots?" But don't worry I lectured him for hours and he was just joking but still
I've heard some silly things from silly people. Just never mind them - they don't have the insight to look past the language barrier and that's too bad for them. Especially when you get so much more fun with kpop / khiphop or what have you. They put so much more work and time into their music and image and choreography. And it's so rewarding to watch them grow. American music is nice too, obviously, and sure we also have hard-working artists, but there's no reason for people who cannot understand the love of music regardless of language to put down other kinds of music and put ours on a pedestal. I prefer Korean music now and that's something I never thought I'd say! You'll grow up and find other people who share your love of kpop so keep those negative nuggets at arms distance. You donโ€™t need them anyways. :)
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