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Ok so I need help trying to find theme songs for my characters in my current stories that I am writing. I love to write while listing to music and if I can have theme songs for my female character's that would be really great. I already have one but I need for my other stories. I have one that seems to be pretty popular. List of stories that I have listed below.
Hold Me Tight, I'm Lonely
Jess is a young 17 year old girl who is a nerd who has no friends and is always lonely. The only thing that keep her together was listening to kpop. The one group that really helps her is BTS. The songs that they sing she feels as if they are telling her story or making her feel safe. With Jess she has been lonely all her life. Her parents abandoned her when she was 12 and she has been living in a small room in Seattle, Washington. Her one wish is to travel to Seoul just to experience something good in her life just once. Until one day it seems her wish comes true from a secret admirer who seems to be her only friend that she speaks to through kakao talk . Jess doesn't know his name but he seems to be some that she can always talk to and lean on. Will she one day meet this mysterious man that seems to always say the right things or will he be a person that is playing with her heart?
Jess is my main character and for those who are reading the story I have the next chapter. The reason why I haven't posted an update because I am going through and make sure have what I wanted within the chapter.
Theme songs that I have for her are: 1. Hold Me Tight- BTS
2. Sweater and Jeans- Super Junior D&E
That is what I have so far if you have any other songs that I could add please comment below.
Suga believed that there was not point in love. Let alone falling in love at first sight. Until one day at an art gallery he saw her and could not believe his eyes. He was so memorized by her that he wanted to know her and be a friend in hopes to have something more. Though when he sees her hugging another man, he goes back into believing about love at first sight.
Peyton is Korean American. Her mother moved to Seoul for school and met Peyton's father. Peyton looks Koran with some westerners looks. Peyton hated the way she looked because it drew attention and she hated all the attention that surrounded her everyday. Then one day she is asked to be part of Bangtan's crew for their world tour. Peyton is to be their photographer.
When Peyton starts working everyone, but Suga welcomes her. This is what attracts her to him. The reason for giving Peyton the cold shoulder is because he still feels embarrassed when he first saw her. Will he open up to her like he wanted to the first day he saw her or will he be like every other guy who falls for her because of her looks
This is a story that i have been working really hard on and i have a few readers that i am thankful for their love of this story.
Peyton is a character that wants to open up and at the same time hates sharing. However even though she is my own character i have no idea what to do for her theme song. If you have the time to read the story and get a feel on who she is and an idea for her theme song comment below.
Both stories deal with members of Bangtan. Hold Me Tight I have yet to reveal on who the love interest is. However i am sure that a few of you might figure out who it is. If you do don't say anything. Love at First Sight Suga or Yoongi is my characters love interest. Again if you can help me that would be great and I'm not in any trouble just having trouble to figure out what songs i can listen to when I'm writing.
I read jess and automatically thought of you @Jessicaacosta90
@Choijiah yeah not love equation lol its just one day by bts like @jessicaacosta90 said lok
@twistedpuppy Thanx for tagging me 💕 Butterfly by BTS, I need you-BTS, I need you-BTS, Just One Day-BTS
@twistedPuppy thank you I will have a listen and I'm sure that they will work.
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