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@danidee created an awesome challenge allowing us to express our true selves, or you know... tell the Vingle world maybe a little too much about ourselves.

Here's the RULEZ

1) Create a card with Why I'm Weird In 5 Gifs in the title.
2) Tell us your 5 biggest quirks/strange facts about you with gifs. (Or if your phone can't do gifs, funny pictures work just fine too!)
3) Take around 5 friends to do the challenge next!

I am a Social Ninja

Have you ever meet someone in the beginning of the gathering and towards the middle, you could not locate that person? That would be me. Meeting people is very interesting especially when they are sharing their life experiences. As soon as I hear gossip or non exhilarating topics, my brain shuts down. Also, I don't know how to excuse just feels awkward. The only way I can really do it is by shouting "BUH-BYE" but that just draws to much attention. So, I resort to now you see me, now you don't. Left you wondering where I went.

My biggest pet peeve is not using your brain

People who ask question, received an answer, and then ask the same question just 2 seconds later baffles me.
No there is no such thing as stupid questions....There is a thing known as paying attention ..,. I just think that asking the same question twice is just a waste of time and utter disrespect to the person.

I dont' drink

Well....I mean I drink water and occasionally, sugary drinks. I love sugar (Bubble tea, Coffee, milk tea etc.), just need to control it. I don't drink alcohol because my body refuses to accept it. Also I think I might have the worst genetic in the world in terms of alcohol consumption. I can feel that alcohol effect for few days. Think having a hangover marathon lasting few days. I don't care if you drink or not, just as long as you don't use it as excuse. With that being said.... Happy Drinking peeps...I mean happy (soon-to-come) Saint Patrick's day.

I am random

Sometimes I can be very random.
What do I want for lunch? Hmm some good food. Let's get lamb Bhuna. Did you know crickets are healthy for you? Very high in protein. Oh a squirrel. By the way check this out.

Sometimes I laugh or smiles at random things, sometimes at the wrong time

Ooops, I'm sorry dude I was looking at this funny post. Not laughing at you man serious.
@nicolejb There ya go.
@1FallenAngel it's the weekend, you should do yours!!!
It's amazing how people have weird things that do or think and until they tell you, you would never guess this part of them. Totally cool!
I did mine Saturday morning @Chrisingularis. :p
Wait, wait, wait, what is lamb bhuna?
@Chrisingularis Omg yes!! So spastic and happy :)
@Chrisingularis ah! Good boy 馃憤
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