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Zlatan Ibrahivomic is one of my favorite soccer players.

Although he is 34 (which is pretty old for a soccer player), he always seems to get better and better every year. Also, his confidence is what I like most about him. He may seem cocky at times, but he is not afraid to say what he thinks and it's not just talk. He constantly proves himself on the field.
For Zlatan, his contract with Paris Saint-German ends after this season. There has been a lot of speculation where his next destination might be. A number of clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester United, and his current team, PSG, is showing interest in signing Zlatan. But for Zlatan himself, he is most likely leaving PSG to find himself a new club after the season is over.

But he said there is one way PSG could hold onto him.

"I will stay at PSG if they replace the Eiffel Tower with my statue."

Bold statement.

PSG fans, I think it's time to say goodbye to your best striker.

I really hope he comes to Chelsea. He needs to teach Diego Costa a lesson!
Haha what is this bullshit
Hahahaha this guy's got balls
he's a nice person, narcissist but nice
I figure he meant it along the lines of "sure, when pigs fly" XD