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Just watched the Welcoming Collection DVD. T.O.P was talking about his nephew and I thought 'Wow, he'd be a cute uncle'. So here's where this came from.
1. Who would you want to be your older brother?
2. Who would you want to be your younger brother?
3. Who would you want to be your uncle?
4. Who would you want as your best friend only?
5. If you could be part of the BigBang burger, what would your order be?
6. Whose closet would you raid, besides G-Dragon’s?
7. Who would you want in an emergency?
8. Who would you want to be stuck with on a deserted island?
9. If someone had to lose their voice, who would you choose?
10. Would you marry your bias knowing his parents did not approve and would never want to speak to either of you again? (Think Secret Garden).
and why...
Good questions..... I'll answer in a bit :3
@KDSNKJH hmmm those are good questions. I'll make a card later
let me do it here 😊.. some of these are kinda tough! 1- TOP - imagine introducing him to my friends hey this is my older brother! 👍 2- Seungri - 100% maknae 3- TOP - weird picking him as brother and uncle, but seeing him with his nephew I think he is great 4- TaeYang - a pity that you restricted to 'best fd' only and I will miss everything else! but I can see TY is a very loyal and great friend. GD says so too so I will be the same! 5- from the bottom - Seungri, Daesung, me, Taeyang, GD, TOP. I am blushing..😜 GDxTOP can stay on top as they always have the most fun there! 6- if GD's out of the question, I wouldbraid Taeyang or Daesung's! closest to my taste and we love the same brands! 7- GD - can't really tell why but I do pick him. well always put spouse as emergency anyways, no? 😜 8- GD - we will have all the time for ourselves 😊 originally picked Daesung coz he is soooo optimistic and carefree, but then I remember he is scared of all animals 😂 so maybe not a gd idea... 9- noooo!!!!! do I really have to? >.< 10- I wouldn't force him to do that for me. but if he is willing to, nothing could stop me from marrying GD!!!
1) TOP 2) Seungri 3)Daesung 4)GD 5) Seungri, Taeyang, Daesung,GD, me, TOP (Why idk but I think it would be funny) 6) Daesung 7) TOP 8) Daesung 9) can I say me? I don't want any of them having their beautiful voices taken away XD 10) I mean love is love so.... HELL YA. Because if we love each other so much that we want to spend our lives together, who cares who approves as long as we have each other
Ooohhh I like these questions. I'll make a card with my answers in the morning!! :)
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