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Here's A Wild Kaneki & Hide

Wuddup tho! So I do enjoy drawing in my free time and I decided I'd share some of my work with y'all fine folks.
So here's a lil' drawing I did today(well I actually started on it yesterday). I initially wasn't going for Hide or Kaneki. I was just doodling around in my pad sketching random stuff when I noticed it started to look like a face...A familiar face haha. I ended up grinding out a wild Hide and decided to add Kaneki to it earlier today.
I also decided to mess around with the drawing on my phone, since my laptop is pretty much useless, and ended up inverting the pic. Thought it looked pretty cool. I feel like I can see my mistakes better on the inverted one which is nice. There's always room for improvement! Let me know if y'all have any questions or if y'all would like to see anything else from me. I have a few things floating about in the good ol' sketch pad and, of course, some new ideas. Stay chill folksโœŒ
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