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Anthony Bourdain new tvshow did make a recent trip to Myanmar this year, and people did say that the government now is better now. They are allowed to talk about polictis in public. Have you watched the documentary?
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@tapsamai it was great! Even when I was there the people had more political freedom and we could discuss the government. The train that he took in the episode is the exact one that I posted in my other picture! I can confirm it was scary
4 years ago·Reply
@tapsamai no I haven't gotten a chance to see that. I'll check it out! Thanks! According to a Kachin friend though the gov't would like the international community to think things are getting better, but according to his people, there is a still a lot of fighting going on
4 years ago·Reply
@happyrock based on what i've read things definitely are getting better. Though the fighting is still pretty bad, and needs more publicity
4 years ago·Reply
thats quite amazing....
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