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Aigoo, what a disappointment. So many days behind pero it's all good, at least it's not a week's worth. And they will be super short, pinky promise. Entonces to continue with this lovely challenge, haja!!
Día 6: What member would I want to be related to? -Kunpimook!! aka BamBam. Honestly these pictures just spoke to me, they whispered "wouldn't I make a great dongsaeng?" -Sí, you would. Plus watching him grow up would be just great and remind me of my own little hermanitos.
Día 7: Your favorite OTP... -Honest Abe here: Initially I had no idea what OTP used to mean, (way back in the initiation years of me becoming a Korean everything lover) pero like this one is plastered everywhere so I picked my favorite fotos of the lovely Markson!! (I need a bestie like this..)
Día 8: My favorite live performance.. -Any live performance that includes them singing "A" really...have I mentioned how my eyeseu close in on Youngjae and JB? Well, now you it's almost as cute as "Just Right." (motivation song for me there)
*credit to this Fan Cafe in Indonesia (would love to visit one day)* Pero tagging my lovely chingus, Vingle friends and small familia. Thank you loves. @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @moonchild03 @amobigbang Besos.
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That was short and good...hahaha..the pinky promise.