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Monday is one of those days my hair always look and feel a little wild. The first thing I do in the morning is get it out of my face. So, the messy ponytail is my go-to hairstyle but i'm getting a little bored with the flat look. Thanks to the internet I found a few low-maintenance hairstyles I want to try out (but not sure if it will work out). Here's the list!

I'm a little obsessed with this look. And the gold pin is magic! You can create two styles in a matter of twists!

She looks great but not sure how it'll translate on my hair! We'll see!

Apparently, all you need is a headband to create this lovely updo.

Great idea? Boho chic with a teeny-weenie messy braid.

Genius. Wear a hat to cover up the flaws.

A true lazy style -- Throw on a chunky scarf.

Finally, when all else failed. Switch the part and embrace the messy look.

@jlee37 It was difficult but I found a tutorial that explain it very clearly with pictures! -->
@cindystran It's all good!
@jlee37 I should've ask for you hair length first! Though, I'm glad you figured it out with an alternative method!
@cindystran Ok so I tried the chopstick thing. My hair is shorter than hers so I didn't have much to really wrap around to make a bun. So this what I did: I pulled hair up like I'm going to do a ponytail. Then, I took the chopstick and wrapped my hair around it. I pulled the chopstick up so the tip is near my head and flipped the chopstick over, pushed through upwards, then flipped it back again pointing down. Bam! It's up!
@cindystran oh thank you so much! I truly appreciate it! I owe you!
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