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What the heck happened !? I turned the page in the manga and this shows up my mind is completely blown away ... WHAT IS THIS ..... IS THIS A JOKE !?!?!??! 馃槺馃槺
No, I'm not caught up! Why did my curiosity get the better of me?!
guys remember when he fought laxus and he couldn't leave cuz the ruins said no one over 60 is allowed out yea @TreverMoon @Thatperson512 @LawrenceReilly @beaterofsouls @IvanDiaz @jlo0219 @JessicaFerrier
@jlo0219 Fro thinks so too
lmao rofl @JessicaFerrier well, I'm the total opposite. I lock the doors run under my covers and plug ny ears and close my eyes when I hear a noise. (>_<) lol but they do say curiosity killed the cat. trust me u'll catch up in no time and would be like NOOOOOOOOO! Lol
@jlo0219 I just caught up on the anime a couple hours ago , Then I start to read the manga after and I would've never imagined this ... My mind is completely blown .. 馃槼
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