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What the heck happened !? I turned the page in the manga and this shows up my mind is completely blown away ... WHAT IS THIS ..... IS THIS A JOKE !?!?!??! 馃槺馃槺
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This information about Natsu has been known for months. How did you just figure this out?
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@freshelian9 Not everyone started Fairy Tail at the same time as you. Some people start later and some people take their time watching it. Fairy Tail has a lot of episodes and requires quite a bit of time to get through.
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@thatperson512 I know that. I didn't know about it for a while as well. Doesn't mean anything. I was just asking a simple question. No need to get salty. Apologies if I sounded rude
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@freshelian9 I don't mean to sound rude either (x re-reading my comment I realize it probably sounded that way. Haha
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@thatperson512 yea my bad馃槀
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