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In my mind taijutsu is the best of the three, what's your favorite and why?
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but my favorite stuff will always be ninjutsu techniques. I wish I could make shadow clones.
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the Night Gai is probably my favorite justu to be honest.
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I like ninjutsu techniques all the different types there can be. but hand to hand combat has always been the most exciting to me in naruto or any other series. taijutsu ! 馃敟
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Ya it's all good the taijutsu, ninjutsu, kenjutsu, finjutsu. I love them all especially bijutsu that is the biggest most bad ass ninjutsu there can be, you can make tailed beast bombs, planetary rasenshurican, super mini tailed beast bomb, ect. But I despise DESPISE genjutsu.
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I think genjutsu is pretty cool if used properly @rexamisprime
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