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Is the "leg triangle" the new "thigh-gap"?

Australian Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik is channeling her in Baywatch in a new series of fun red swimsuit photos. However it's not the swimsuit that have fans gawking, it's actually the triangular looking indent found on her left leg. The picture has gotten 14.4 thousand likes as well as over 230 comments buzzing over how it's even possible to get an indent on your leg like that. If you look to science, many fans have pointed to this being a 'femoral triangle'.
Fans have posted that they believe the triangle is simply from how her muscles are flexed within her leg as well. There's such a fascination that it could only be a matter of time before people attempt to achieve this very natural occurrence. Leg triangle or not, Shaik is killing the game in her photos.
Some Instagram users have left the following comments:
jhubbard22 - "Her legs are fine. It's called definition from being athletic, get a grip."
rachelrawr29 - "You people realize you can stick up for her and her body without putting other people's bodies down? Maybe it is photoshopped, probably not, but when you blast people saying "you would know if you skipped dessert once in a while" you're just making it worse."
kathhhhc - "It's called the 'femoral triangle' and it's an actual anatomical site lol"
_justnewyork - "You people are obsessing over her leg, meanwhile I'mover here looking at the wall behind her which looks to have a mold of a cat looking the other way.."
pcproffyWeird - " her armpit is doing it too. Clearly proof of UFOs!"
lol another impossible standard! lmao!
well, you can blame the photographer here, not the model. lol