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It's a down day, actually it's been a down week. I didn't help myself by reading angst shorts tonight. I didn't help myself by listening to sad music tonight. It certainly didn't help when I came across this gif of JoonBug crying during 'What Am I To You' So yeah, the dams have busted and I am in tears. Cause who broke his heart and hurt my baby? My heart's broken along side yours and it hurts and seeing you upset makes it worse
@Emealia Fighting! You're one of the coolest and strongest women i've ever gotten to talk to (you're raising a kid and still manage to have awesome hair? is it black magic?!!??!?!) and know you can pull through. Some things just need and deserve time to recover. We love you!!!!!
I hope everything turns out for the better. It's totally normal to feel sad and hurt but just know that you're so loved :)
@kpopandkimchi Working through things is a lot harder than I ever thought it would be but thank you ♡ I needed those words