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1 - A worker tests the quality of ethanol samples at a processing facility near Sertaozinho, Brazil on August 24, 2012. Some 48.5 percent of all the cane processed will be directed to sugar at the expense of ethanol. 2- A Cambodian man carries palm juice for making sugar during harvesting season in Tuol, Cambodia on December 13, 2012. (Heng Sinith/Associated Press) 3 - Local farmers cut sugar cane at Chea Khlang commune's field in Prey Veng, Cambodia on September 1, 2012. (Heng Sinith/Associated Press) 4- A worker pushes a wagon full of salt at the Ston Saltworks in Ston, Croatia on July 31, 2012. The Ston Saltworks are the oldest and best preserved salt works from Mediterranean history, with technique dating from the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik. (Antonio Bronic/Reuters) 5- Guillermo Castillo, 60, works on a valve that regulates the passage of sugar cane juice at a processing plant in Jaronu, Cuba on September 8, 2012. (Franklin Reyes/Associated Press. 6- Workers collect salt in a pool at the salt mine in Salinas, Dominican Republic on July 28, 2012. The Salinas mines have been a source of salt since the time of the conquest. Workers earn about $150 for a month's work. (Ricardo Rojas/Reuters. 7- A worker walks in a salt field in Palibelo village, Indonesia on November 22, 2012. 8 - Men work at a sugar cane plantation in Siribala, Mali on January 24, 2013 9 - A farmer from the Nueva Jerusalen sect rides his donkey through a sugar cane field in Nueva Jerusalen, Mexico on September 26, 2012. (Alan Ortega/Reuters)