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Yoongi x Y/N
Genre: Smut
Summary: You decide to take Yoongi up to your parents cabin to rest. Although..........there won’t be much resting.
“Why the fuck would I want to go to a cabin in the mountains?” He was as lazy as ever. Slouching on the couch, not giving a shit. Although, that’s why you loved him. He had the perfect personality for you. There was never any drama, or fights, or arguments. You both took life as it came, and that’s how you wanted it to stay. However, this time, you got a little irritated.
“Because were not going there for hikes or anything you dumb ass, were going there so you can relax after all this comeback shit. I can see that you’re exhausted, and need some quiet time away from the city.”
He looked at you with dead eyes. He was exhausted. You walked over to him, and sat next to him on the couch.
“You need this babe. We both need it. I know you love the dorks, but still, you need some time away from them too.”
He smiled at you. “I know. Sorry. It’s been hard for you too. And I know you’re right. You’re always right.” He said, as he took your hand. “I love you.”
“Wow… You really are exhausted. Don’t get too lovey dovey on me now, it’s not like you. But, I love you too.” You said, as you kissed the tip of his nose.
“I’m starting to regret this Y/N…”
You were walking from the car, and up to the cabin. It was snowing heavily, and your boots were filled to rim with it.
“We’ll get a hot bath once we get inside okay?” You said as you brushed some snow off his jacket.
“Ah! Finally!” You hollered in joy when you saw the cabin. Running up to the door, you unlocked it and rushed in. Yoongi was in soon after.
“I’ll get the fire started, while you go turn the electricity on, okay?” He said as the snow covered bags dropped to the floor. “And get that bath ready soon too. I’m freezing.”
Oh I will, you thought to yourself. What he didn’t know, was that in your bag, a set of sexy lingerie lay waiting.
“Yoongi!” You shouted from the bathroom, “The water is ready!”
You heard him hurrying up the stairs, before running down the hallway, only to stop in the doorway with his mouth wide open.
“Wow. I was expecting sex on this trip, but this?” He said as he eyed you from top to bottom.
You were sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Wearing a red see-through baby doll, you lifted your knee up to your chin and rested your head upon it. You teased him by biting your lip and allured him with your finger.
His tongue went over his lips as he slowly walked into the room. Standing in front of you, he took your chin in his hand, and tilted it upwards. Leaning down, he licked your bottom lip before closing it with a rough kiss.
He smiled that crooked smile of his as he moved away. He was eyeing you again. He breathed out heavily as he shook his head.
“Damn you’re hot Y/N.” He said as his hand raked through his hair. “So. How are we going to do this?”
You bit your bottom lip as you giggled. You walked towards him and grabbed his belt. He quickly ripped his sweater off as you unbuttoned his pants.
“Tonight. I’ll do whatever you want.” You whispered as you sat down on your knees.
Slipping your fingers into his boxers, you pulled down. His semi hard cock almost slapped you in the face as it bounced in the air. He was so big. Especially when you got him really exited.
“Tell me what to do.” You said as you looked up at him.
He hummed as he said, “I want you to suck me.”
You licked your lips as your hands grabbed around him. Face inching closer, you could feel him watching you. As your lips touched his tip, he let out a ragged breath. It had been a while since you two were intimate, and so he was unbelievably sensitive.
Your tongue swirled around his head before you closed around him. Starting slow, you went as deep as you could. Feeling him twitch in the back of your throat, your gag reflexes was awoken.
“Don’t push yourself too much.” He breathed. “I want you to enjoy this too.” He always thought of you, even when you spoiled him like this.
You bobbed your head in a steady pace. Going up his shaft, you swirled your tongue around his tip once more, before ending it with a flick. He seemed to like what you did, as he moaned and whimpered. You felt his hips move, so you increased your speed.
Yoongi suddenly grabbed your hair and held you in place as he thrust into your mouth. Taking care not to go too deep, he moved in a steady, yet rough pace. You grabbed onto his thighs as you felt your breath run out. He noticed and quickly pulled out, before he grabbed your arms and pulled you up.
Kissing you passionately he moaned into your mouth, how sexy you were and how good you made him feel. You grabbed the back of his head and returned the kiss as you pulled him back towards the bathtub.
“Get in.” You said as you felt the water.
Yoongi did as you told him. Sitting down in the water, you walked behind him and started massaging his shoulders. He breathed out heavily, and you felt all the knots in his back. This being about his pleasure, you decided to take them on another time. For now, you only caressed him, as you kissed along his shoulder to his neck. You could feel him shiver under your touch, as the warm water heated his cold bones.
After a while of massaging him, you traced your finger along his arm while walking to the side of the bathtub. Stepping inside, you carefully sat on top of him. His hands found your waist, and he carved circles into your lower back. Leaning over him, you kissed his collarbones, as he grabbed a hold of your ass. He clearly wanted you to ride him, but you wanted him to give a verbal command.
“Tell me, what to do.” You whispered into his skin.
“Ahh… You’re so dirty Y/N.” He hummed. “Ride me.”
His hands guided you down. As one of them left your skin, it grabbed a hold of his cock, which he positioned at your entrance. Gliding it over your, not only water soaked folds, he pushed inside with ease. The water around you went all over the place, mostly out of the bathtub. His hands had a firm grip on your ass, as he followed your movements.
His hands travelled up to your back as he lifted himself up. His lips found your neck, and as he sucked purple marks into your skin, several moans escaped your lungs. He breathed into you as you clenched around him. He leaned back down again, and looked at your bouncing body.
One of his hands slid down to your clit. He massaged it in rapid circles, and you knew he was close. He always wanted you to cum before him. He got more pleasure knowing that you finished as well.
You grinded against his fingers. It felt amazing. He knew exactly where your sweet spots were and he hit them every time.
His other hand had found your breast, and were now squeezing your nipple. You couldn’t hold it much longer, and before you knew it, your legs were shaking around him.
He smiled and licked his lips at the sight of your pleasure-contoured face. You could feel his hips thrust against you as he came inside.
You body felt worn out, and you lay on top of him. Realizing almost every drop of water was outside of the tub, you laughed.
“What?” He asked.
“Look around us.” You giggled.
Yoongi hoisted himself up and looked at the bathroom floor. He then looked at you before he started laughing. “Well I’m not cleaning this up! I’m here to relax.” He teased
You continued laughing as you rested on his warm body.
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