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Okay so me my mom and grandparents we're watching spiderman 3. my mom trying to explain to grandparents about the overall makes a big mistake in my book. call the green goblin green latern. I speek up and am told I have no idea what I was talking about. oh my. show them comic book from room and showed them the diffrent between the tow still was told I had no idea what I was talking about. dose any one get this way with non comic book freinds and family.
I know the feeling because it's the same with family with anime, video games and kpop (plus with my friend)
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ugh that's frustrating. It's one thing for them to not know, that's a weird mistake but whatever. But come on if someone else knows more than you then stuff it
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@CloeySuess Yeah, it's kinda his staple, he almost has to I meant to tag you in the last comment, but tagged @CreeTheOtaku instead. Now you guys have to share.
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@CreeTheOtaku I'm trying to figure out if he'd keep the glider or not...
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yes it is. that's why it would be interesting concept to think of. it's all good.
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