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Kpop Memes pt.1
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@QueenLee Same ahh~ the things i find on the internet.馃槉
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The seventeen one though, it sounded amazing except Jeonghan with short hair, that's not a thing right? Please don't make it a thing xD I live for his long hair lol I'd be so sad if it was gone, I never really thought about the fact that he might not keep it long forever and now I'm terrified x3 just like I'm dreading the day taehyun from winner goes back from his blonde hair, I'm dying over his hair right now he's so amazing with blonde I don't really wanna see it go but I know it'll happen eventually xD oh well
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@Tamaki1618 Gurl(or boy idk) I FEEL YA like i honestly cried when i heard about these rumors of seventeen's comeback and I dont want my bias to change his hair color blonde hair just suits him just like lonh hair suitd jeonghan.
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Girl is right xD and I'm already sad over Jeonghan not being a brunette anymore but if he was to also not have long hair anymore I won't know what to do Dx
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@Tamaki1618 I miss hus brunette hair too
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