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Because, I have to have a picture of these two cuties! Thank you my Thunder Buddies for tagging me! I know I've been MIA for a few weeks, but I'm back!
Okay, so my boyfriend? Awesome! 😊
My gift? I love it!
Ooh, love the outfit! ❤️
Fireworks? Hell yeah! I love stuff blowing up!! 😜
Ooooooh baby! 😉 can't wait to make sweet music after such an awesome fireworks show!
I guess I did something right!!
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Spring break, new ish boyfriend, the usual distractions lol
@DianaBell we figured you were busy. pop in and say "hi" once in a while! lol
Oh I will! Can't wait to meet the new family members! Not tonight, I'll chime in tomorrow. Now, I need sleep. Bloody daylight savings time.
@DianaBell okie dokie! we look forward to hearing about the new boy and all your shenanigans! ♡♡♡
Oh, you will! 😉